Why PR has gone back to the future

PR practice has changed, but in many ways has gone back to the future.

One of the earliest definitions of public relations was: “A planned and consistent programme of communications between an organization and its publics.”

Today, instead of ‘publics’ we would use words like audiences, stakeholders, or communities; but whatever term you use to describe the targets for your communications there have never been more ways to reach them – directly or indirectly – than there are today.

Brands, companies and individuals can connect and communicate with the people that matter to their success in so many ways.  If your reputation is based on what you do, what you say, and what others say about you – organisations and their PR teams have never had such a rich and varied toolbox to control the first two elements and influence the last one.

At Robertson Taylor PR we understand this new dynamic in PR and are expert in creating content that helps to tell your story – news articles, features, blogs, white papers and other marketing content. And at putting it to work to build and enhance your reputation.