REACH: ENGAGE: CONVERT – Sales and marketing working together!

At Standing Tall, working with our partners and friends at Marketing Hybrid, we are developing a new, joined up approach, to sales and marketing  based on a three pillar strategic framework; REACH, ENGAGE and CONVERT.

REACH hinges around your Content Delivery Plan and how you get your message out there and in turn get your brand ‘found’ principally online. You have a story to tell and if you don’t tell it – and keep on telling it – then who will? It’s about finding the hooks that will drive traffic to the properties you own, where there is an opportunity to ENGAGE with your audience.

ENGAGE in turn is about your organisations ability to ensure your prospects and audience interact with you. Engagement is key, whether that’s getting visitors to your website, LinkedIn company page or social media footprint, or just making sure your content is found by the search engine robots so that you can start generating leads, sales, downloads or whatever your call-to-action or goals are.

CONVERT is the final pillar that is the true measure of success and an organisations ability to convert leads in to clients (B2B) or leads in to customers (B2C) be that more users, more sales or more traffic.

These pillars are not independent of each other and are interlinked with one feeding the other either in terms of a ‘customer journey’, ‘sales funnel’ or ‘feedback loop’ for continual improvement and optimization. All of course underpinned by analytics, measurability and KPIs.

Our REACH:ENGAGE:CONVERT process can help make your online presence a profitable sales channel – turn your digital footprint into sales footfall.  Want to know more? Drop a line to my colleague Bede Feltham ( and tell him Kevin sent you!