The Peso Approach

We spend time getting to understand your business, help to refine your message, create your stories and put them to work.

We put your content to work using the PESO content model which holds that there are now four types of content:

  • Paid Content:
    • Advertorial and promotional content.  Basically paying for your story to appear in the places where you believe it will deliver results.
  • Earned Content:
    • This is traditional editorial, running online or in newspapers and magazines as a result of news distribution, interviews or placed features.
  • Shared Content:
    • Content you (and others) share via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social channel. Content shared is usually drawn from the other PESO categories
  • Owned Content:
    • This is material you create and where you own the distribution – it can be a company blog, a website you create to serve as a content platform, a customer or partner newsletter, or any other direct communication to your influencers.

Using the PESO model really helps campaign planning.  A good thought leadership article might appear in the one Earned news outlet it was targeted exclusively at, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a second life in the Shared and Owned parts of the programme. The PESO model ensures your content works hard for your business.